Early in life Lanette found she had an eye for drawing. Her line drawings were not like everybody else’s in school; hers just seemed to be more real. With her parent’s encouragement, Lanette began to develop her talent in art. In school her art teachers encouraged her to use that talent to express herself. After leaving high school, rather than attend a liberal arts college, Lanette enrolled in Kendall School of Design, further developing her skills. Taking a break from her studies to get married and have a family she did not get back to studying art for some years. With encouragement from her husband Tom, Lanette took extension classes from the University of Michigan, from Kendall and wherever they were available and she could work them in around raising 4 children. Her latest training has been with “Robert and Sharon Long” in Destin Florida. They have given Lanette a whole new insight into watercolors, further developing her skills.

Along with a love for art, Lanette had a love for gardening. She inherited a green thumb from both her Grandmothers and her gardens showed it.  Each spring her gardens just seemed to have more flowers, flowering shrubs, vines and bulbs. 

Combine Lanette’s love for flowers and her painting skills, and you get beautiful watercolor paintings of flowers. Her love of flowers shows in the fine details of her roses, Iris’s, fuchsia’s and all the other flowers she has painted.  

When someone takes one of Lanette’s paintings, they get a little of her love for flowers and the arts.