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Destin to I-65 North

Leave Condo, go west on US98 to Ft Walton Beach, Once across the bridge into Ft Walton, turn slight right on State Road 85 (second light).

Go north on 85 through Ft Walton. Once out of the business district, watch for 85 exit on the right. Slight right and keep going on 85 to FL 123.  

Turn left on FL 123, (note if you get to the airport you missed 123) (this is a bypass back to State Road 85). 

123 goes back to 85, turn left on 85 north towards Crestview. When coming into Crestview (about 10 miles) the 2nd light is P J Adams Pkwy,  turn left, (not marked) (Tom Thumb is one the left)

About 5 miles you come to US90, (Tom Thumb on corner) turn left, go 1 mile to FL 4, turn right. Take this road straight for about 27 miles, it has 3 different road numbers, FL4, FL 189, & AL 137 it ends in AL.  

Slight right at end of AL 137 onto US29 toward Andalusia. AL 55 joins US 29 on the way to Andalusia, Take AL 55/29 through Andalusia. About 4 miles out of Andalusia AL 55 turns right and becomes a 4 lane road.  

Take AL 55 about 27 miles, in about 18 miles this road becomes US31 (55 ends). Take to AL 106 (1st stop sign)  (Georgiana) turn left on AL 106, go about 3 miles to I65.